Crooked Creek Ranch - General Program Worker - Horse Coordinator


​​This position will support the operational aspects of Camping Services as well as represent Young Life and the Camping department in a Christ-centered, relational and professional manner.

*This is a seasonal position that will run May 14 - Aug. 11, 2018.


As the horse program coordinator, the primary responsibility is to oversee the summer horse program. The coordinator should have a general knowledge of horse husbandry, herd health, and horse training. Also, the coordinator role with supervise the horse interns directly. With the interns, their role is to work with the rest of the camp to make sure all programs work together to glorify Christ and share the Gospel to campers through the actions and attitude of the staff. We want to set up the program, the speaker and leaders as much as possible to give the campers the best week of their lives and introduce them to Jesus.

As the head of the program, the coordinator is responsible for ensuring the safety of campers, guests, workers and horses. The coordinator is responsible for making sure the program and rides are being run properly and also that appropriate records are being kept for training, accidents, herd health (medications), tack, and trail inspections.

The horse program coordinator will also be responsible for constant/necessary communication between the camp and contracted businesses such as:
  • Sombrero Horses
  • Veterinarians 
  • Farriers
  • Hay providers
  • Feed providers
The horse coordinator will train the horse interns to be certified operators of the horse program and set them up to be in charge of trail rides and summer staff horse wranglers. The coordinator will act as a mentor and stay in constant communication with interns to ensure they are healthy both physically and spiritually. If there is a conflict between interns, the coordinator may act as mediator and assist in Christ-like conflict resolution. 

Working Conditions
  • Must be able to lift materials up to 50 pounds and perform other physical tasks such as stooping, reaching, pushing, squatting, kneeling, climbing and more.
  • Will be exposed to cleaning chemicals.
  • Job responsibilities will include outdoor work, which will mean exposure to various changes in weather (cold, heat, rain and snow).


​Experience Required for the Job
  • Previous work experience required.
  • Previous or current involvement with Young Life preferred.


​Young Life is a relational ministry. Staff must be able to convey a sense of Christ-like hospitality and concern for guests and staff. Responding to the unexpected needs of a guest in a prompt and professional manner is important. All staff members are expected to represent Young Life positively and professionally within the local community and be able to work with and minister to the volunteer high school- and college-age young people who attend our camp.

This job is a seasonal position from May to August. Housing will be provided off camp property. The horse coordinator will report to the Guest Services team. 

How To Apply:

​​Please complete the online application via the link below and submit a cover letter and resume to Lauren Lay, guest group communications coordinator at Crooked Creek Ranch.