Breakaway Lodge - Cook I


​Employment responsibilities include: food preparation, serving, clean up or any other food handling required by the supervisor. This position may also be involved with equipment maintenance and repair, general cleaning, stocking, inventorying or other maintenance or cleaning functions required in kitchen/dining areas. This position may be given responsibility over specific food service tasks.


​Essential Duties:
  • Operation and maintenance of all food service-related equipment.
    • Ensure high quality standards are maintained regarding cleanliness and overall appearance of the various kitchen and dining room equipment, structures and areas. This will entail the use of training manuals and training seminars to learn the correct cleaning procedures outlined by the Department of Health and Young Life standards. There may be exposure to cleaning chemicals when following proper cleaning methods.
    • Remain current concerning the use of new procedures and equipment within the food service industry by reviewing new information provided by the executive chef and industry periodicals.
  • Operation of the kitchen and dining hall systems.
    • Embrace a commitment to uphold the Young Life Food Service Standards adopted by the Properties department and listed in the Young Life Standard Operating Policies and Procedures Manual.
    • Minimize waste and encourage recycling by following the prescribed recycling program. Properly save and reuse leftovers. Maintain inventory controls. May be required to life materials weighing 60 pounds waist high to stock shelves.
    • Maintain Young Life Sanitation Standards as outlined in the Young Life Standard Operating Policies and Procedures Manual and by the Health Department.
  • Work with and train volunteers, work crew, summer staff and other staff.
    • Train staff according to set methods and use manuals developed by the Young Life Properties department.
  • Food preparation.
    • Must perform calculations to determine proportions and measurements.
Working Conditions:
  • ​May be required to lift materials weighing 60 pounds waist high.
  • May be exposed to cleaning chemicals when following proper cleaning methods.
Note: This description is not intended, and should not be construed, to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, efforts or working conditions associated with this job. It is intended to be an accurate reflection of the principal job elements essential for making compensation decisions.


  • Two years of high school-level course work.
Experience Required for the Job:
  • Three months work experience in the food service industry.
  • Young Life background (volunteer, camping experience, etc.).
  • Experience in organizing tasks.
  • Clear, professional communication skills — both verbal and written.


​​​​Young Life is a relational ministry. Staff must be able to convey a sense of Christ-like hospitality and concern for guests and staff. Responding to the unexpected needs of a guest in a prompt and professional manner is important. All staff members are expected to represent Young Life positively and professionally within the local community and be able to work with and minister to the volunteer high school and college-age young people who attend our camp.

How To Apply:

​​​Please complete the online application via the link below and submit a cover letter and resume to Suzanne Como​, guest services coordinator at Breakaway Lodge.