Associate Regional Director — San Diego, CA


Represent the regional office in supporting staff, developing people, launching new ministries, and ensuring good Young Life ministry, specifically in the San Diego part of the region. Also, be knowledgeable about and uphold all Young Life policies and procedures.


Spiritual Development – “Following Jesus.” 

Includes: Prayer and spiritual disciplines, fellowship, growth and health and church relationships.

  • Develop a yearly personal growth plan that fosters a vibrant spiritual life including time for solitude, retreat, reflection, prayer and a sincere commitment to understanding God’s Word.
  • Seek and maintain relationships and disciplines, in the context of active participation in a church community.
  • Actively participate in the spiritual life of the Young Life community.
  • Lead teams and individuals in spiritual development.
  • Ensure that all Young Life ministry in the region, is designed and carried out with a dependence on prayer that takes place out of the overflow of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Leadership Development – “Equipping leaders, committee and staff.”

Includes: Key volunteer care, recruiting, teambuilding and training, supervision and vision casting.

  • Assist regional director in casting vision for reaching “every kid” within the region.
  • Assist regional director in developing diverse leadership and ministries.
  • Work with the regional director to recruit, interview, hire and place staff within the region.
  • Conduct assignments or events as assigned by the regional director, including leadership weekends, recruiting days, staff development, leader training, etc.
  • Supervise, develop and evaluate staff and areas within SD county (COV, SD North Shore, Rancho Del Sol, North County Inland, SD North, SD Central, SD College, Beach Cities, Inner City SD, East County, Coronado, South Bay) providing resources and experiences needed to implement the vision.
    • Area visits, committee development, and meeting with staff in those areas at least once a semester.
    • Inspect and ensure good Young Life ministry.
    • Help the regional director​ with area director evaluations as well as ministry metrics.
    • Specific Goals over the next three years:
      • ​Be available and present for staff and committees in SD County for improved supervision, health, and training.
      • Help move all areas in SD into fiscal and committee health based on regional metrics.
      • Ensure healthy Young Life ministry is happening within areas in SD county.

    • ​Assist in the development and implementation of regional trainings, committee development, and continued staff training.
    • Involvement in the development of new areas in SD County (first priority = Ramona).
    • Possibility of helping assigned areas plan, carry out strategic planning day and follow up.
    • Help recruit, interview and place staff within the region (ability to hire and fire under advisement of the regional director).
    • Facilitate departures when necessary and as assigned.
    • Carry out any special assignments or events as assigned by the regional director (such as leadership weekends, recruiting days, Campaigners, leader training, etc.).
    • Assist with any crises in the region (such as an immediate visit to an area, staff person, etc.).
    • Help administer the region with gathering monthly reports, conducting evaluations, etc.
    • Involvement in fundraising, including personal, regional and area finances. Responsible for $60,000 of salary cost and also goal of raising $50,000 per year for regional initiatives and area help funds (the first year, will be primarily focused on raising personal support of $60,000).
  • The associate regional director and regional director will meet/communicate regularly and set weekly and monthly goals and action steps surrounding above duties.

Resource Development – “Fueling the ministry.” 

Includes events, major donor care, public relations (branding) and TDS team.

  • Help areas develop committees. Communicate regularly with committee and TDS chairs within the region.
  • Help develop and lead the region’s fundraising strategy, ensuring excellence in communication to donors.
  • Raise the necessary funds to carry out the regional ministry vision with the regional director.
  • Ensure a TDS plan, including vision statement and strategy and financial master plan, is implemented and reviewed for each area under your direct supervision.
  • Work with Development staff to identify potential donors for missionwide efforts.
  • Coordinate and conduct quality events which reflect Young Life’s capacity to impact kids and warrant the investment of a participant’s personal and corporate resources.
  • Work with the area committee to develop good community and church relationships.
  • Possibility of helping create an SD regional “board or “forward board.”

Direct Ministry – “Proclaiming and discipling.” 

Includes contact work, club, Campaigners and camp.

  • Assist in the development of new areas and identify interested adults to help the ministry to grow.
  • Visit area as needed or assigned, including routine and emergency crisis visits.
  • Observe and evaluate local areas to ensure Young Life ministry is carried out with excellence.
  • Assist the regional director to ensure a regional plan is in place to grow Young Life in the region, including multiethnic and specialized ministries.
  • Maintain ministry contact with kids to the extent it is necessary to be effective in this role.
  • Provide networking opportunities to offer additional camping experiences using non-Young Life camps and discipleship experiences.

Ministry Support – “Taking care of business”

Accounting, administration, communication (internal), data management and strategic plan.

  • Maintain professionalism concerning office hours, dress, conduct and time management.
  • Provide clear, prompt, appropriate and professional communication to everyone within the scope of ministry. 
  • Develop an appropriate system for reporting, expense report responsibilities and the use of regional funds using Young Life accounting applications.
  • Set yearly strategic ministry plan growth and initiatives to grow the ministry; review them on a regular basis.
  • Implement and support regional initiatives, such as a student staff, program, multicultural advance and Forward.
  • Accept both short- and long-term assignments of projects.


  • College degree preferred.
Working Conditions
  • Could include the extremes of a camp assignment, e.g., heat/cold, dirt, long hours and the physical demands of hiking, horseback riding, boating, etc. Staff person must be able to handle these conditions.
Qualifications Required for the Job
  • Completion of Core Training 
  • Area director experience of a minimum of five years.
  • Must be able to supervise at a distance.
  • Proven spiritual leader.
  • Proven leadership in developing diverse staff and ministries.
  • Proven relational skills with both kids and adults.
  • Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Has the potential and capacity to function as a regional director.


How To Apply:

​To apply, please send your resume to Kristy Fox​.