Area Office Administrator — Stillwater, MN


​St. Croix Young Life in Stillwater has a position available for an area office administrator. The administrator will work approximately 20 hours per week and must be willing to have set office hours. This person will work with the area director and local support team with specific projects relating to area communications, area events, donor relations and data management, and will assist with the details surrounding day-to-day projects.


Written and Verbal Communication 
  • Answer correspondence, do filing and prepare mailings. 
  • Answer phones. 
  • Respond to voicemail, email and phone calls in a timely and professional manner. 
  • Gather articles, pictures, layout, production, mail, etc. for newsletter from area staff. 
  • Create club/event postcards, flyers and/or maps.
  • Send prayer emails and monthly updates.
  • Send personal support mailings. 
  • Create and maintain the area mSite.
  • Send thank you letters to donors.
  • Interact with the area director, area committee, volunteer team leaders and leaders with the area.
  • Process and track donations. 
  • Maintain donor and leader databases, ensuring that leader forms, driver questionnaires and criminal background checks are up-to-date. 
  • Manage monthly expenses and budgets, including area bank account records, FDT, area and staff expense reports. 
  • Accounting: pay bills, submit bank account records/purchase card expenses and donations and make copies, evaluate financial monthly status and update FDT each month. 
  • Maintain contact databases including the following: 
    • Update area donor database on a regular basis. 
    • Enter club card data into kid database. 
    • Update parent database. 
    • Maintain newsletter recipient list. 
    • Create and maintain banquet invitation list. 
    • Update contacts 
    • Update email distribution lists: club kids, Campaigners, committee, leaders and prayer partners.

  • Human resource for regional administrators 
    • Track and report vacation, sick and personal days for eligible area staff. 
    • Submit timesheets for hourly staff. 
    • Complete Personnel Action Requests and required documents to hire or terminate area staff and forward to region for approval. 
​​Event Administration 
  • Coordinate area meetings, including: 
    • Area staff meetings.
    • Area leadership meetings,
    • Area committee meetings.

  • Camp 
    • Track participation, payments, health forms and how much each kid has earned in fundraisers. 
    • Send letters to parents about camp sign-ups, itineraries and health forms. 
    • Responsible for fundraiser marketing. 
    • Construct and distribute camp brochures. 
    • Communicate with camp regarding camp contracts, R2 deposits, A-forms, housing request forms and 10-day call-ins.

  • Banquet/Golf Tournament/Tea 
    • Create invitations, banquet sponsor packet, table host packet, banquet program and donor cards. 
    • Track guest list, table sponsors, RSVP list and donations received from the banquet. 
    • Coordinate with table hosts about their invitation lists. 
    • Mail invitations. 
    • Send thank you notes to banquet donors. 
    • Track table sponsors.
  • Building Oversight​ 
    • Oversee the safety and maintenance of designated properties and ensure that these properties are in compliance with all applicable regulations. Recommend and coordinate improvements to the property as needed to ensure a safe, functional and appealing space.
    • Maintaining a safe environment with proper lighting, signage and disability access.
    • Oversee security, fire prevention and other safety systems.
    • Schedule regular building maintenance and janitorial services.
    • Contract professionals for repairs as needed.
    • Ensure that occupants are provided with proper utilities.
    • Monitor building maintenance budgets.
    • Supervise grounds staff.
    • Inspect the building frequently for signs of damage or wear.

  • ​Vehicle Oversight 
    • Oversee the safety and maintenance of the area vehicle and ensure that these vehicles are in compliance with all applicable regulations.

How To Apply: