Area Director III — Colorado Springs, CO



​Ministry Functions 
Spiritual Development — “Following Jesus” includes prayer and spiritual disciplines, fellowship, growth and health and church relationships. 
  • Develop a yearly personal growth plan that fosters a vibrant spiritual life including time for solitude, retreat, reflection, prayer and a sincere commitment to understanding God’s Word. 
  • Seek and maintain relationships and disciplines, in the context of active participation in a church community. 
  • Actively participate in the spiritual life of the Young Life community. 
  • Lead teams and individuals in spiritual development. 
  • Ensure that all Young Life ministry in the area, is designed and carried out with a dependence on prayer that takes place out of the overflow of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 
Leadership Development — “Equipping leaders, committee and staff” includes key volunteer care, recruiting, team building and training, supervision and vision casting. 
  • Partner with the regional director and committee to cast vision for reaching “every kid” within the defined area.
  • Continue consistent gatherings with committee, leaders and staff to build unity and provide vision and direction.
  • Communicate your spiritual leadership plan for volunteer leaders, staff and committee members in the area. 
  • Continue to participate in recruiting, screening, hiring and placement of staff.
  • Supervise, develop and evaluate area staff, providing resources and experiences needed to implement the vision.
  • Provide quality summer staff, work crew and adult guests for summer camps.
  • Model excellence in contact work, club, Campaigners and camping to other leaders.
  • Build excellent ministry teams that are effective, healthy and cooperate together by recruiting, mobilizing and retaining a core group of key leaders who reflect the makeup of the local community. 
  • Assist in training leaders, team leaders and committee how to work effectively in teams and develop a yearly ministry strategy.
Resource Development — “Fueling the ministry” includes events, major donor care, public relations (branding) and TDS team. 
  • Provide leadership to the TDS team and committee in finding partners to own the area vision and budget. 
  • Continue to lead the area’s fundraising strategy and ensure excellence in communication to donors. 
  • Raise the necessary funds to carry out the ministry vision for the local area, keeping the area consistently in surplus (goal is a one-month cash reserve minimum). 
  • Maintain major donor relationships that provide a personal touch to each major donor multiple times annually to update, thank and “ask” on behalf of Young Life.
  • Maintain the Young Life brand via public relations as an excellent tool for working with youth in the area. 
  • Coordinate and conduct quality events which reflect Young Life’s capacity to impact kids and warrant the investment of a participant’s personal and corporate resources. 
Direct Ministry — “Proclaiming and modeling” includes contact work, club, Campaigners and camp. 
  • Actively engage in all three levels of contact work. 
  • Lead or co-lead a model Young Life club; lead/supervise an effective Campaigners ministry with excellence. 
  • Observe and evaluate each of the schools/ministries in the local area on a yearly basis. 
  • Develop and implement ongoing plans to maximize Gospel proclamation through camping opportunities. 
  • Serve on a summer assignment at a Young Life property, other Young Life camp or in another position each summer. 
Ministry Support — “Taking care of business” includes accounting, administration, communication (internal), data management and strategic plan. 
  • Adhere to all Young Life policies and procedures and maintain professionalism concerning office hours, dress, conduct and time management. 
  • Manage finances with stewardship, accountability and transparency using the missionwide applications. 
  • Maintain accurate information on kids, leaders and donors for area records. 
  • Provide clear, prompt, appropriate and professional communication to everyone involved in ministry. 
  • Set a yearly strategic ministry plan and initiatives to reach every kid; review them on a regular basis. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned and congruent with gifts, experience and area needs. 
  • Accept both short- and long-term assignments and portfolio projects.
  • Successful completion of Area Director School and the successful completion of Young Life’s "Training Timeline" experiences.
  • Participation in missionwide staff conference every four years. 
  • Participation in additional training or experiences if deemed necessary (e.g., more urban exposure; Taking Donors Seriously (TDS) training).
  • Attend regional training as directed by the regional director. 
  • Pursue continuing educational opportunities including graduate degrees. 
  • Participate in programs designed for personal spiritual maturity or personal enrichment. 
  • Pursue seminars designed to enhance professional skills.


  • At least four years as a successful area director I or II. 
  • Must have completed Core Training — Phase One. 
  • Proven leadership skills. 
  • Proven relational skills with both kids and adults. 
  • A call to reach kids with the Gospel. 
  • Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality. 
  • College degree preferred​.

How To Apply: