Area Director I or II — Indianapolis Prep Schools, IN


​This area director role is pivotal to the private school and Indianapolis community. It consists of two private schools — one Jesuit and one non-religious that have all of their club and Campaigners events together. There is a healthy parent committee in place, and the area is in a healthy financial position.


  • ​Partner with the executive parent committee to fundraise the local budget, execute tasks that sustain and promote health within the area for years to come. 
  • Recruit, train and grow a healthy team of volunteers that represent the cultural dynamic of the schools represented.
  • Work with the part-time staff associate to execute club events, Campaigners Bible studies, and camping events for the school year.
  • Spearhead the effort to develop relationships with new kids, current kids, and ones who are looking to be engaged further in their faith.


  • ​Strong and mature faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Sensitive to the Catholic faith and the needs of the Catholic community.
  • A willingness to recruit volunteers who reflect the school culture. 
  • A passion and excitement to work with affluent adults and kids. 
  • Missional mindset. Looking to be the example of healthy ministry to the committee, leaders, and private school community. 
  • Young Life experience is very helpful but not required. 
  • A self-aware, empathetic and resilient individual who is in tune with personal strengths and weaknesses. 
  • A student — constantly learning ways to impact the area, region and the people around him or her.
  • A strong fund raiser who is willing to directly ask for money from local parents, churches and businesses. A lot of the funding comes from personal relationships. 
  • An ability to raise and grow a personal donor base.
  • A person who has perseverance and is willing to step up to challenges that can be roadblocks in the ministry. 
  • A good communicator who helps people grow in their faith and ownership of the ministry. 
  • An ability to continually pursue adults, kids and leaders ... going to them and not waiting for them to come to you.
  • Willingness to be innovative both in the region and in the area. Are you willing to try something new even if it is hard?


​Full-time position with Young Life's benefits package.


​There are two private schools in this area, yet one combined team of volunteer leaders and parents. This is a wealthy, private school community that has kids attend from all over the Indianapolis area. This is a great and vibrant community with people behind it who want their kids to know Jesus Christ and for them to grow deeper in their faith.

How To Apply:

​Please send your Young Life Field Ministry Application to Coleman McIntyre​, regional initiatives coordinator. Applicants who meet the initial criteria will receive an email with criteria for the next stage in the process.