Area Director — Galena, AK


Galena is an Athabascan community (full-time population of approximately 500) that lies on the Yukon River, about 270 miles west of Fairbanks and 350 miles northwest of Anchorage. Although it is in the United States, living and working in remote Alaska is realistically more like an international mission field. It is only accessible by plane — there are no roads to the community. Because of its remote location, there are a number of challenges that exist. There is a store in the community, but it is very expensive and it is more cost effective to ship food and supplies in a couple times a year from Anchorage or Fairbanks. Because of the high cost of flying to the community, trips in and out are somewhat limited. Summertime temperatures average in the 60s with the warmest days reaching into the 80s, and wintertime averages below zero, often seeing -40 or -50. In the summer there is almost complete daylight; on the longest day in mid-June, there are almost 22 hours of sun with twilight between sunset and sunrise. In the wintertime, the shortest day has just less than four hours of daylight.

Galena Interior Learning Academy (GILA) is a boarding school with approximately 225 students. It is Alaska’s only vocational boarding high school with programs in aviation, applied mechanics, construction trades, health science, media and information technology, and natural resource management. Students from all over the state attend the school. Minority enrollment is about 95%, with more than 90% being Alaska Native. These students are from communities all over the state, and so it is a vital ministry to all of Alaska.

GILA, together with the local Sydney Huntington School, are the ministry focus of Galena Young Life. Young Life has a long history in Galena with almost 20 years of successful ministry. We are currently in the process of rebuilding after a year and a half without a staff person.


  • Demonstrate spiritual leadership on a personal and professional level.
  • Coordinate with local churches.
  • Model excellence to other leaders in contact work, club, Campaigners and camping.
  • Develop a plan to recruit, train, disciple and develop local volunteer leaders.
  • Establish and develop the area calendar including clubs, Campaigners, camps and special events. 
  • Develop local relationships with leaders in the community in order to share the vision of Young Life and invite them into it. 
  • Raise 100 percent of financial support per individual budget and maintain good donor-care practices. (There are current financial partners but almost all of them are from outside the community. In reality, this looks more like international Young Life as it applies to fundraising.)
  • Oversee the resource development of the area; meet with donors and oversee fundraising events and/or opportunities. 
  • Communicate ministry updates and progress to donor partners.
  • Maintain accurate information on kids, leaders and donors for area records.
  • Participate in or lead staff events and training events as required.


  • Demonstrated strong Young Life team leadership.
  • ​​Experience is required.
  • Previous Young Life staff experience is preferred.
  • Willingness to commit to serve in Galena three to five years.
  • Have an adventurous and adaptable attitude for a new culture.
  • Must be able to relate, work and build community in a multicultural, multilingual area.
  • Vision and ability to recruit, develop and multiply leaders.
  • Innovative attitude toward developing ministry.
  • Ability to identify and develop fundraising opportunities within the local community.
  • Must maintain confidentiality.
  • College degree preferred.
  • Proven relational skills with both kids and adults.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

How To Apply: