Area Director - Philadelphia, PA


This is an challenging but exciting opportunity to sustain and grow ministry work in the city of Philadelphia. More than 30,000 adolescents live in the neighborhoods that make up North Philadelphia. The 15 high schools and 15 middle schools represent a diverse population: African American, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cuban, Mexican, etc. Currently there are two clubs up and running at the same charter school -- Young Life and Vida Joven. There is also potential to start Capernaum at the same school. These clubs are well supported by a part-time staff person, several teacher-leaders and a few college-age leaders. There are also two colleges in the area -- one of which has joined with us to create a program to get high school graduates into college. The North Philadelphia area director would oversee these current ministries and volunteers and would start work at a new school.


Develop leaders, resources and community involvement such that young people are reached through the following ways:

  • Regular Gospel proclamation in “club” setting and discipleship in “Campaigners” setting.
  • Reduced truancy, passing grades (2.0), reduced behavioral incidents in school setting.
  • Manhood/Womanhood initiatives, “career” development.
  • School administrators/teachers, local organizations, churches accompanied by staff and/or college volunteers.
  • The demographics of the school would be represented in club and in the leadership of club.
  • We care for the well-being of our kids and we want to see them reach their full potential by investing in every aspect of an adolescent’s life. We have created initiatives that will help them spiritually, socially, behaviorally, emotionally and academically.
    • Homework club.
    • Character development.
    • College tour.
    • Manhood Circle Empowering African American and Latino Males Initiative.


  • A call to reach urban adolescents with the Gospel. 
  • Proven leadership skills in an urban, multicultural environment. 
  • Spanish-speaker is preferable, but not mandatory.


  • Full-time employee benefits included.

How To Apply: