Area Director — Union County, NC


​Union County is just south of Charlotte, N.C., and is located in the Palmetto Region of Young Life (South Carolina and Greater Charlotte, ​N.C.). Union County, N.C., is seeking a new area director to lead a thriving 20+ year ministry. There is currently one staff associate, one director of college ministries, one teacher staff, and one administrator. Together, these staff lead 26 volunteer leaders who are young professionals and students from Wingate University. There is a strong committee of 30 adults with others waiting to join. There are five active high school clubs, one college ministry, 250 kids signed up for summer camp, 300+ kids annually going to fall camp, 18 kids signed up for work crew, and 12 headed to adventure camp. The area has the very real potential of adding WyldLife and a number of ministries to schools in the more economically challenged and racially diverse parts of the county.


  • ​If applying, you must have Young Life full-time area director staff experience (two or more years).
  • The new area director will need to be someone who demonstrates:
    • A deep devotion to Jesus, His word and prayer.
    • An ability to communicate effectively with adult and kids.
    • An ability to lead an intergenerational and diverse staff.
    • An ability to recruit, grow and retain volunteer leaders.
    • Excellent organizational abilities.
    • Experience fundraising and the ability to equip and direct committee members in the fundraising process.
    • Spending time at area high schools and community events.
    • A relational ministry directly with teenagers and ability to train others to do contact work.


​Union County contains beautiful suburbs, rural horse farms, small towns, a medium-sized county seat (Monroe), and a small private university (Wingate). Union County Public Schools (UCPS) is the sixth largest public school system in North Carolina. It serves approximately 41,500 students at 53 schools and has approximately 5,000 staff members. UCPS has a 2018-19, four-year graduation rate of 93 percent! Union County residents place a high priority on raising and educating kids with a very high participation rate in the public schools.

Schools welcome Young Life to be a part of the school culture. Leaders are welcome to enter the schools and participate in the sports and extracurricular culture. Parents and community churches and businesses in Union County are supporting Young Life and its mission and growth in sharing the love of the Lord.

Wingate University’s statement of purpose is to develop educated, ethical and productive global citizens. It’s heritage is steeped in a Judeo Christian value construct, and the university seeks to cultivate faith, knowledge and service in its students. Young Life has found a place at Wingate University and is seeking to grow in providing ministry to the students and to show them the love of Jesus as well as to grow leaders from Wingate to support the growth of our high school programs.

How To Apply:

Please send your resume highlighting your experience in Young Life, as well as other relevant work and education, to our regional administrator, Jordan Clelan.