Area Director — Lower Hudson Valley, NY


​The Lower Hudson Valley Area is situated just north of New York City (30 miles to downtown), with the dense population of a New York City suburb as well as the beautiful surroundings of mountains and state parks. The county is made up of a diverse range of nationalities, including a substantial Jewish population. It has a very high median income level (ninth in the country), but a great disparity in income distribution.

The Lower Hudson Valley area was started 14 years ago as an outpost for Young Life in Southern New York. Since then, Young Life has opened new areas in the surrounding counties of Westchester, N.Y., and Bergen, N.J. The ministry currently is comprised of three active clubs: one WyldLife middle school ministry, one Young Life high school ministry, and one Capernaum club. There is one full-time WyldLife director who has just completed her first two years in the area. The area has teams of volunteer leaders for each club, many of which are young adults out of college.

The Young Life club, Campaigners groups, and Capernaum club are all now completely volunteer run. The Capernaum club has more than a dozen volunteers from the area and is shared with a Young Life area on the southern border (Bergen, N.J.). While the area has had a dynamic high school ministry for quite some time, there are more than a dozen schools in the county that have never had a Young Life presence (most schools are about 2,000 kids), so there is plenty of opportunity for growth. Nyack College is located nearby and has been a source of several of our leaders. The area has a history of strong direct ministry in club, camping and Campaigners, and is supported by a committee that has helped keep the area fiscally healthy for many years.


​The ideal candidate would be one with five years of experience running an area and is familiar with and passionate about adults and kids from the Northeast.

How To Apply:

​Please email Rob Hankins​ for application information.