Area Director — Franklin County, MO


​Franklin County is a community just outside the St. Louis Metro area. It has a 21-year history of good Young Life and WyldLife ministry. We currently have ministry in one high school and one middle school. We have a seasoned committee who is committed and wants to work with the new area director to figure out how to expand to more schools in Franklin County. We are looking for an area director who is a proven leader and has the ability to initiate and develop a community on mission.


  • ​Recruit, train and encourage leaders so they are empowered for relational ministry with teenagers.
  • Work with the existing committee to grow and develop new committee members.
  • Develop vision and strategy to solidify the existing ministry and then expand to new schools throughout the community.
  • Work with the local committee to grow and develop the donor base.


  • ​Must be a proven leader.
  • A self-aware, empathetic and resilient individual who is in tune with personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • An ability to raise and grow a personal donor base.
  • A good communicator who helps people grow in their faith and ownership of the ministry.


​Full-time position with Young Life's benefits package.

How To Apply:

​Complete your online field application and return it to Karla Langford, regional administrator. Applicants who meet the initial criteria will receive an email with criteria for the next stage in the process.