Area Director — Connell/Othello, WA


​Looking for an area director with Young Life experience to come and lead a growing, yet 28-year old, stable area with good potential for growth and multicultural work alongside a solid adult committee.


  • ​Oversee weekly ministry to both Young Life and WyldLife.
  • Recruit, empower and disciple the leadership team to effectively reach kids in the community.
  • Build strong adult structure and continue to care for the supportive donor base.
  • Communicate with kids, leaders and adults.


  • ​Ability to create a Young Life/ WyldLife community; leading in contact work, club, camp and Campaigners.
  • A solid recruiter, trainer and developer of Young Life/WyldLife leaders.
  • Ability to thrive in a diverse, Latino/multicultural and socio-economic community high school/middle school environment.
  • Possesses proven organizational skills and communication skills.
  • A team-builder; comfortable with delegating.
  • Proven ability to partner in adult development for new committee members.
  • Ability to fundraise and share the heart of Young Life with adults.
  • Proven Young Life leadership experience (paid or volunteer).
  • Ability to speak Spanish encouraged.
  • Comfortable with social media platforms.
  • Proven ability to manage finances.


​Full benefits offered.


​The cities of Connell and Othello are highly diverse (Latino population) and have strong and veteran committee members and a strong support base. Currently there are two Young Life and one WyldLife ministries, and the goal for the area is healthy ministry in both communities. Having a heart for a highly Hispanic community is vital to lead the community to reach every kid.

Current Ministries
  • Connell High School Young Life, WyldLife and Campaigners Othello High School Young Life. 
Potential Ministries
  • Othello WyldLife and Campaigners. Five other nearby small towns.
  • Fourteen members, including the committee chair, finance manager, chair of leader care and a prayer coordinator. 
  • Connell - two Young Life leaders and two WyldLife leaders. Othello - five Young Life leaders. Recruiting more leaders is important.
Mid-Columbia Young Life Pros 
  • Twenty-eight years of Young Life history in the Mid-Columbia.
  • Financial stability - 28 years of remaining in the black.
  • Willingness of community to support this ministry.
  • Experienced, faithful and loyal committee.
  • Young Life/WyldLife has very positive image within the community.
  • Own our Young Life building located next to our three schools.
  • Strong support from staff and administration.
  • Former and current Young Life staff in the area.
  • Strong yearly banquet and fair booth fundraisers.
  • Great potential for growth.
  • Strong community support for youth sports, fairs and events.
  • Strong family connections.
Connell Young Life Challenges
  • Growth and development of leadership team. Need is to grow and develop our young leader teams.
  • Growth and development of committee ownership.
  • Meeting the needs of our diverse community.
  • Rural setting – transportation and resources.
  • Language barrier with parents.
  • Working with two separate towns.
  • Lack of college-age people to become leaders.
  • Large geographical scope of the school districts. Connell and Othello demographics: 600 Connell High School students, 71 percent Hispanic; 1,000 Othello High​ School students, 88.5 percent Hispanic; 300 Connell Junior High students; 950 Othello Junior High students; 94 alternative high school students.

How To Apply:

​Online, email correspondence, a phone interview and a final interview will be in person.