Area Director I — Clarkston, WA


​The Lewis-Clark Valley has had Young Life involved in the community since 1979​. It has a multiple town population of approximately 50,000 people. There are three people on staff already with Young Life, WyldLife and YoungLives established in most of the schools in the community. Approximately 35 leaders are already volunteering in the high schools and middle schools. Ministry is happening in a three-town community and a reservation school 10 miles away.


​The area is established and looking for someone who can bring a new level of support and ministry within the communities. The position will be overseeing the staff and volunteers within the three ministries as well as continuing the direct ministry within the communities. The candidate must be able to establish vision, seek out new ideas for leadership, and look into opportunities for students to get connected into Young Life and the local community of believers. The position will be asked to raise around $25,000 in personal support alongside the already very established support system for the area.


  • ​The area committee is looking for someone who can continue the momentum in the area and bring new, fresh vision to the community that has long-term leaders and support.
  • The candidate has the ability to create new ministry in other small towns around the area and has multiple schools interested in developing Young Life at their schools. So equipping and establishing leaders at these new schools is a goal.
  • The applicant must have Young Life experience.


  • ​A strong 11-person committee to work alongside.
  • Three staff people in place for YoungLives, WyldLife and administratively.
  • 35 leaders already volunteering in schools.
  • Support system within churches, schools and community leaders.


​The area is a beautiful valley that has two main communities: Lewiston and Clarkston. The high school population is around 2,200. The community has two main high schools and three main middle schools with two alternative style schools.

The two communities are split by the Snake River. The whole valley is at the gateway to Hells Canyon. There is great community support for Young Life. The Valley as a whole is on approximately 50% free and reduced lunch.

Another main community where ministry is happening is Lapwai, which is located on the Nez Perce reservation with a school of around 130 high school students.

The Lewis-Clark Valley main industries are: pulp and paper mill, ammunition factory, computer chip manufacturing and farming.

How To Apply:

​Please complete the application below and attach your resume.