Opportunities for Teachers

Young Life is looking for teachers who have a relationship with Jesus Christ and feel confident to work with other adults in the community. Most of our leaders are volunteers, but in some cases you may choose or need to be paid for your after-school hours with kids. This may be a great way for you to supplement your salary. We call this role mission staff.

As a mission staff person, you will have some responsibilities beyond those of a volunteer leader. Mission staff work in a variety of roles; you can be:

  • A team leader in a new high school community;
  • The point person for the middle school ministry (which we appropriately call WyldLife);
  • A multicultural coordinator for your school or neighborhood;
  • A part-time staff person in a rural community;
  • A point person at one of the several International Schools where we have ministry.

You and your local area or regional director will craft a job description made just for you.

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