Karama Collection Operations Lead (U.S. Based)

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At Karama, an independent, non-profit company, we partner with Young Life to expand campership in Young Life Africa and the Middle East, as well as Young Life Haiti. We’re a group of Young Life supporters, entrepreneurs and servant-leaders dedicated to alleviating poverty by restoring dignity through creative, purposeful work for artisans in Africa and Haiti. We develop relationships with artisans, providing one-on-one training regarding the global marketplace in our product design process. We purchase and sell handmade goods, donating back our proceeds to support Young Life camps in the areas where our artisans live and work.

We value Christ, dignity, relationships, generosity, responsibility and creativity. Headquartered in Evansville, Ind., all of our products are received, quality-checked, and packaged by a team of volunteers. For more information, please visit www.karamacollection.com and africa.younglife.org and haiti.younglife.org.

As operations lead, you will be the engine of our social enterprise. Your main objective is to befriend artisans as you make our supply chain as lean and efficient as possible and ensure that we're never out of stock. This role involves all things operational from product and artisan development, inventory management, production and logistics. The operations manager reports to the executive director and participates in organizational planning and goal-setting. Every well-engineered product delivered on time create sales that send kids to Young Life camp!​

Watch a short video about Karama Collection.


  • Coordinate the logistics of the Karama supply chain consisting of 13 artisans groups in five countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Haiti.
  • Drive production from sampling to quality review of the Karama Collection including jewelry, leather, home and Christmas products.
  • Maintain relationships with artisans through annual artisan visits.
  • Manage Operations staff which includes a Kenyan and an Ethiopian in-country production manager.
  • Develop strategies to increase artisan capacity and improve product quality.
  • Coordinate purchase orders to minimize backorders and limit excessive inventory.
  • Oversee inventory levels through the Netsuite ERP System.
  • Oversee a dedicated team of volunteers to accomplish operations tasks including, but not limited to, order receiving, product preparation and fulfillment.
  • Develop and implement quality standards and specifications for new products and oversee quality standards for current products.
  • Design product packaging in conjunction with the marketing team and implement.
  • Oversee the order fulfillment process and the fulfillment manager.
  • Develop, document ​and streamline operational procedures.
  • Create supply chain management strategies that increase efficiency and speed.
  • Implement artisan contracts.
  • Create evaluation criteria and process for developing new artisans.
  • Evaluate the existing supply chain and complete a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis.


​Please share documentation, references and the whole truth about the following.
  • Details of your Bachelor's degree completion (we prefer Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Operations Management, Entrepreneurship, and other Business or Mission-related degrees).
  • Situations in which you have led a project team and successfully completed projects in work, school or organizational environments.
  • What you’ve learned in leading people toward completion of a team goal.
  • Your organizational skills using Google Docs and Sheets, the Microsoft Suite and other project management tools.
Additionally, we’re seeking someone who is detail-oriented, good with people AND deadlines. You’re a stellar candidate if you’re:
  • Planning vacations around Young Life camp.
  • Open and honest ... a humble servant-leader.
  • Have a fantastic work ethic.
  • A dedicated team player who’s in it for the long term.
  • A creative problem solver, who doesn’t mind getting in the weeds to get things done (or washing someone else’s coffee cup while you’re doing your own).
  • Not satisfied with simply traveling the world ... you want to create lasting change in the lives of the people you encounter and grow Young Life!


​We're a small team of six people striving to make a giant impact in the developing world. This full-time position does not offer medical or retirement benefits (yet). What we DO offer is an amazing 
work environment and a chance to be an early hire on the ground floor of a growing company on the rise! We also offer four weeks paid vacation, paid holidays and paid adventures in Africa, Haiti and beyond. While we do not offer a relocation allowance for this position, our team of staff and volunteers will be happy to help you unpack boxes and bring casseroles to welcome you to your new home.

Salary: $32,000 - $37,000

How To Apply:

​We’re a small company, so your talent and contribution will have a genuine impact. If you have experience in missions, logistics, business, or supply chain processes, we’d like to meet you. 

Email your resume and details listed above to kristine@karamacollection.com.