Direct Ministry –– Brixton, UK

Brixton. Young people. Jesus. There’s immense need as well as massive opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the diverse young people of London with the love and message of Jesus. Do you have a heart for young people in Brixton to live life to the full, learn about Jesus, grow in their faith and develop healthy life and leadership skills? Would you enjoy joining in, building and helping lead a diverse team to be a positive influence in the lives of young people in Brixton?

Young Life International ( is seeking a direct ministry staff person to join the 60:40 Project in Brixton with Ascension Trust, London City Mission and Lambeth Methodist Circuit, joining in, building and leading a world-class team of staff and volunteers throughout Brixton. Working closely with the 60:40 Project youth worker, the Young Life International staff person will focus part of his or her time on developing programs for and working with young people involved in the 60:40 Project at the Lyham Road location, and the other part of their time on developing ways to connect with young people in the community.​


​Brixton, Lambeth: Just south of Waterloo, Brixton has historically been home to a significant number of Caribbean immigrants. It is also very diverse. Most, if not all, boroughs have estates (government provided housing), but a few communities like Brixton specifically have a reputation for poverty, gangs and violence.

The 60:40 Project between Ascension Trust, London City Mission and the Lambeth Methodist Circuit has been going for a short while. There is currently one staff person who grew up in Brixton; 60% of this person's time focuses on young people outside the churches, 40% on the Methodist churches’ young people.

These organizations have invited us to join in the 60:40 Project, to have a Young Life​ staff person who would come alongside the current staff person and focus on the 60% -- young people outside the Methodist churches -- including helping provide activities at a youth center in Brixton near two estates, as well as growing connections with and opportunities to get to know young people in the community.

Again, those involved in 60:40 bring credibility, connections and longevity in the community, from which we plan to grow adult support and a local committee.


Focus on:
  • Working directly with young people.
  • Developing ways to connect with young people in the community.
  • Growing and leading a team of staff and volunteers.
  • Developing relationships with churches, charities and local authorities.
  • Encouraging volunteer engagement.
  • Participating in financial resource development and adult stakeholder involvement.
  • Equipping and training leaders and influencers.


​The ideal candidate will:
  • Have a love of and experience working with young people.
  • Have a strong Christian faith and biblical knowledge.
  • Be entrepreneurial.
  • Have demonstrated ability to reach out to and support young people and help them grow in their faith.
  • Have demonstrated ability to effectively recruit and lead leaders.
  • Preferably has experienced living and working in a large metropolitan area and/or immigrant populations.
  • Willing to relocate.


​Housing supplements and cost of living adjustments help make living overseas affordable for international staff. In addition, staff may raise funds and be reimbursed for the purchase of a vehicle, an annual personal trip to see family, pre-K through 12th grade private school education for dependent children, language school, moving expenses, and a one-time bonus of up to two-months’ salary.

How To Apply:

​If interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact the International employment coordinator at 800-330-0628. To better help us serve you in your inquiry process, please take a moment to fill out the International Inquiry Form available via the button below.