Area Director - Northern China

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​Did you know that Young Life has a thriving ministry China? We are impacting more than 3,000 kids every week on nine college campuses! This is your chance to see the world, reach the “farthest out kid” (figuratively and literally!) and be a part of one of the most exciting and least known Young Life ministries in the world.

We are seeking a staff person or couple to help lead our team of 25 full-time staff who minister to college students in Northern China. The position includes working directly with students as an English teacher, which means that you will receive a professor’s salary as well as free housing on campus. This makes the amount of personal support incredibly low (see Benefits note below). Other responsibilities include training, coordinating events in China, and pastoring our staff.


  • ​​Must have at least​ five years of Young Life experience. 
  • Be prepared to make a four-to-five-year commitment.


​Staff receive free on-campus housing in very nice apartments and a full-time professor’s salary from the Chinese government. Our staff only need to raise approximately $10,000 (or less, if you don’t need health insurance) for a single person and $20,000 for a couple, and somewhat more for a family with children.


​Other opportunities in Northern China: 

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