There are a few things we look for in every qualified International staff applicant:

  • A personal faith in Christ;
  • A desire to grow in Christ and reach adolescents with the Gospel;
  • A willingness to devote three years or more to ministry;
  • A desire and ability to raise personal support;
  • A four-year college degree or comparable career experience.

If you decide to pursue a full-time International staff position, you may contact us to request an application. We will email it to you, along with a blank confidential character reference form for three selected individuals to complete and submit back to us directly. Please include feedback from a spiritual leader, a supervisor and a coworker. Their completed forms should be emailed directly to our office. Once your signed application is received, we will check each of your references by phone and schedule an initial phone interview with you.

After you complete the application and interviewing process, you will be notified if you have been accepted as a staff candidate. During the application phase, we ask that you attend an International Information Expedition (IIX). All applicants are required to meet in person with our stateside placement team prior to the official offer of a position as a staff candidate. In some cases, we may also require or recommend that you go on an international field visit.

Please recognize that the time frame varies from the date of application submission to your acceptance as a staff candidate. We thoroughly review all applicants, and selection can take time as it requires input from field staff around the world.

International Staff Application Checklist

    • Call the International office to request an application.
    • Complete the application and submit via email.
    • Select three confidential character references. Ensure that all three are successfully submitted.
    • Schedule an initial phone interview with the stateside team.
    • Attend an International Information Expedition. View details on the next scheduled Information Trip.
    • Receive official notification of acceptance as an International staff candidate.
    • Schedule an initial placement call with the stateside team to discuss potential openings which may be a fit.
    • Connect with the regional or area director for a phone interview.
    • Consider an advance trip and make arrangements with the field if necessary.