September 2019


Andrea would show up for YoungLives club with her daughter on her hip and the weight of the world on her weary shoulders. In fact she would show up early to help the leaders set up for club as part of her court-ordered community service hours. The teen mom seemed disinterested in the talks about Jesus, but her eyes would light up when a leader asked about her daughter or her accomplishments at school. Her leader said, "I couldn't wait for Andrea to be loved on at camp this summer."

The love her leader was hoping for, however, was lavished on Andrea and the other teen moms before the girls even buckled their children into their car seats to head to camp. “Andrea was covered in prayer by the prayer team before we arrived,” her leader said, “and God had prepared a speaker who could speak directly to her heart.” 

Andrea arrived at camp with thick walls up and a steady stream of sarcasm bubbling over those walls like hot oil onto her leaders! It was her best effort to guard her heart from any unwelcome intruders. She was protecting sacred ground. This, by the way, is not uncommon with kids who come to camp. Many are open and ready to meet Jesus. Just as many are barricaded behind a fortress made of stone. Thankfully, we serve a Savior who has the ability to walk through walls and offers peace to hurting kids, and that is exactly what He did with Andrea. 

Thank you for supporting Young Life. Thanks to friends like you, young people like Andrea are meeting Jesus Christ. “By the end of camp,” her leader said, “Andrea had a huge smile on her face and, with her daughter by her side, dedicated her life to God.” Please pray with me for Andrea and thousands of kids like her who return to school this fall with a newfound faith in Jesus. May He continue to walk through walls and bring hope and healing into their lives. May they continue to flourish in His care. 

Thank you again for your support. 

In Christ for all kids,

Newton F. Crenshaw