November 2019

Sharptop Cove Summer 2018-kids and leaders-0284.jpgIt all started with a Slip ‘n Slide at The Ohio State University and a Young Life leader who could not sit still. “It was about 10 at night,” Ricky said, “and I could hear a big party going on across the street from our house. I said, ‘I gotta go!’”

Ricky bounded out the door and made his way into a raucous crowd of college students who were gathered around the Slip ‘n Slide dancing to music and drinking beer. The next thing he knew he was holding Marrio’s Hawaiian shirt and drink while the bright-eyed freshman took his turn on the slide. Before Marrio threw himself onto the wet plastic, however, he paused to make a cell phone video for his mom. “I love you, Mom,” he said into the camera. “This is what we do at college!”

Speaking as a tuition-paying parent of a college student, I hope Marrio’s mother never saw that video! On the other hand, I hope she is watching on repeat a video Marrio made recently with Ricky for Young Life College.

In this new video, Marrio and Ricky tell the story of their friendship that began that night at the Slip ‘n Slide and continues to grow and flourish years later. It is a story of a leader who could not sit still until Marrio met Jesus and discovered what it means to follow Him.

Thank you for supporting Young Life. Thank you for sending leaders like Ricky searching for lost friends like Marrio. Today Marrio is on student staff with Young Life and leading club at a local high school, and I would like him to make one more video for his mom. Here is my proposed script: “This is what we do at college, Mom. We share the love of Jesus with our friends.”

Thank you for helping re-write the script for countless young people every year through Young Life. It is a privilege to partner with you in this mission.

In Christ for all kids,

Newton F. Crenshaw