May 2019

“Let’s see what happens. Let’s pray.”March19.jpg

Those words hung in the air as a life hung in the balance, so the group of students quietly bowed their heads, hoping to tip the scales. Their leader had asked, “Who in your school is least likely to come to Young Life?” The answer from this Campaigners group was unanimous: Dusty Booth. Then the leader invited his friends to intercede for this young man.

I wonder if Dusty noticed any shift in the atmosphere that evening as his friends began to pray? Did he have any idea that God was rising to His feet to tip the scales in his favor? It isn’t likely, since Dusty was busy reinforcing his storied reputation.

“When I was in high school,” Dusty recalled, “I realized I was missing out on a group, so I started to sell drugs. I wanted to be the person to come to if you wanted drugs. If you wanted to have a good time, I would hang out with you. That was the reputation I built for myself.”

One week later, Dusty had big plans for a party that fell through at the last minute. He was aimlessly driving through the neighborhood when something caught his eye.

“There is that girl’s car and that girl’s car and that girl’s car,” Dusty noticed. “Then it clicked in my head, ‘That’s the Young Life house. I’m going to go in and pick up on some girls and make up for what was going to be a horrible night!’”

You might be able to write the rest of this story because it seems to repeat itself in Young Life. Dusty received a wide-eyed welcome by the stunned students and leaders who had been praying for him in that very house one week before. Not long after, Dusty surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.

Thank you for supporting this mission. Today Dusty is a church worship director whose heart is full of gratitude for friends like you. “My life has been radically changed because of Young Life.” On behalf of countless young people like Dusty who have met Jesus, thank you. On behalf of countless others who have not, let’s see what happens. Let’s pray.

Thank you again for your support.

In Christ for all kids,

Newton F. Crenshaw