May 2018

stc_may18_.jpgDear Friend,

It is impossible to calculate the courage it took for Emilie to board the bus for camp. Her brother, Leo, was supposed to be sitting on the seat beside her. In fact, Leo was supposed to be sitting exactly where Emilie sat, now alone and brokenhearted.

Leo and his buddies on the baseball team had been planning this trip for two years — the perfect adventure after high school graduation. Then one bitter day in January came the tragic news: The robust young athlete had been critically injured in a car accident. Later that day, his family, team and Young Life leaders gathered at the hospital with a terrible task. They said their heartbreaking goodbyes to Leo.

When Young Life supporters in the local area learned of Leo’s story, they became determined to send his sister to camp in Leo’s spot. A few months later, Emilie sat bravely on the bus, her tender heart full of pain and sorrow, wondering how she might survive the week without her brother.

At camp, Emilie met a Young Life staff person who had also lost his brother at a young age and could understand her sorrow from the inside-out. The two talked at great length, and those conversations helped introduce Emilie to Jesus Christ. When she boarded the bus for home, her heart was still broken, but Emilie was not alone. The God of All Comfort shared the seat with her, whispering promises of hope and healing to His beloved child.

Thank you for introducing young people like Emilie to the Savior. Friends like you in Emilie’s hometown have created a camp scholarship in honor of her brother. They have named it “Leo’s Spot,” and some young person will take Leo’s seat on the bus again this summer. Please join me in praying for that young person and for thousands of others who will have the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ at camp.

It is a privilege to partner with you in Young Life. Thank you again for your support.

In Christ for all kids,

Newton F. Crenshaw