March 2020

March2020-giving.pngIt was a cold, dark morning in Idaho when 72-year-old Harriet headed up the hill behind her house to pray. “It’s a steep hill,” she said, “but I climb it every day, and there is a big rock at the top that I can hide behind when there is wind or weather.”

From the cleft of the rock, Harriet prays for everything she can see, and she can see everything for miles. “I can see the high school where I teach art. There is a big disk on the front of the school with a picture of a Viking on it, our mascot. I pray for the Holy Spirit to hit it like a target.”

On this particular day, Harriet was carrying an extra burden up the hill with her Young Life backpack. Would she sign her contract to return to the school next year? She was getting a little weary after 20 years. “But if I stop teaching,” she said, “there will be no Young Life at the school.”

Harriet is the volunteer area director in her small town, and she has taken more than 400 kids to Young Life camp over two decades — the entire town population is 900! She shared with me one memory among dozens of kids who met Christ at camp. “I was in the laundry area with one of our girls. I looked around and noticed no one was there, so I said to my friend, ‘Can you think of any reason you would not want to give your life to Jesus Christ?’” The girl said no, so Harriet and her friend got down on their knees in the laundry room and prayed.

I am thrilled to say, for Harriet’s 73rd birthday, she is giving kids in her area another year of Young Life. After praying and fasting for a week, she heard clearly from the Lord, ‘Keep going.’

Thank you for supporting this mission. Thank you for empowering men and women like Harriet who lean on the Rock and lead from their knees so kids can meet Jesus. What a privilege it is to partner with you in this undertaking. Let’s join Harriet and keep going. There is a world of kids who need Jesus Christ.

In Christ for all kids,

Newton F. Crenshaw