March 2019

March19.jpgWalter Elias Disney had wild dreams that turned into cartoon characters, iconic castles and an amusement park dubbed “the happiest place on Earth.” Walt once said, with more than some satisfaction, “It’s fun to do the impos​sible.” A Young Life leader named Tara would wholeheartedly agree.

Jasmine was a high school dropout with a GED who had no interest in Jesus, so Tara invited her to a Young Life College outreach weekend — because it’s fun to do the impossible! Jasmine reminded Tara that she wasn’t a college student, but Tara persuaded her to go, and Jasmine met Jesus Christ. One year later Jasmine was a Young Life leader admitted to a local university and leading girls from a foster-care group home to Jesus. Impossible, impossible, impossible — pure fun times three.

One Saturday morning last fall, Jasmine barged into Tara’s house with a gaggle of her Young Life girls armed with brooms, buckets and mops. Tara explained, “They said Young Life had given them so much joy and helped them find Jesus that they wanted to give something back. So they came to clean my house.” If this were an animated movie, there would have been cartoon characters singing, “Whistle While You Work” in the background. It should come as no surprise, then, that Walt Disney made a cameo appearance on the set that morning.

“While they were cleaning,” Tara shared, “they came upon some of my Disney stuff. One of them said, ‘Disneyland — that’s a place I will never see.’ The other girls agreed.”

I bet you know what happened next. These Young Life plot lines are so predictable sometimes. Of course, Tara secretly raised the money to surprise Jasmine and the girls with a trip to the Magic Kingdom. It wasn’t the happiest place on Earth, however, it came in a close second. It is hard to compete with your Young Life leader’s sticky kitchen floor where you work out your love for Jesus with soap and water.

Thank you for supporting this mission. Thank you for putting leaders like Tara (and now Jasmine) in the lives of countless kids. Leaders’ wildest dreams are taking the shape of transformed lives, thanks to friends like you. It is pure fun to partner with you in Young Life.

In Christ for all kids,

Newton F. Crenshaw