June 2019


​Imagine for a moment that you are a Young Life leader named Mimi. You have an appointment with the administ​ration at your university to ask if you might hold club on campus. You arrive early and are standing at the sink in the ladies’ room, silently rehearsing your persuasive pitch when you hear someone crying. What do you do? Do you ignore the sound of a troubled soul so that you can make your appointment? Or do you stop and knock on the door to the bathroom stall? 

I might have said a silent prayer for the distressed stranger and been on my way. Mimi, however, not only knocked on the bathroom stall, she ultimately pushed the door open to find a young woman in deep distress over a bad decision and a broken heart. 

Imagine now that you are the troubled young woman. Suddenly a stranger in a Young Life T-shirt is standing in the stall with you, putting her arms around you and praying for you like she loves you. After a bit, you begin to calm down. The stranger hugs you again and says goodbye. Later you realize, this woman didn’t know that you had a bottle of pills in your pocket with a plan to end it all. She had no idea her prayers delivered you from despair. She saved your life, and you don’t even know her name. What do you do? 

Maybe you ask God to give you a sign. In the days that followed, the young woman searched the crowds on campus for someone wearing a Young Life T-shirt. Thankfully, she finally found what she was looking for. A clearly-logoed leader was able to reconnect the young woman with Mimi. Today Mimi is meeting regularly with this young woman and helping her discover what it means to follow Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for supporting this mission. Thank you for empowering leaders like Mimi to knock on locked doors in the name of Jesus. His ear is inclined to the brokenhearted, and it is a privilege to serve as His arms and legs when He hears their cry. Thank you for making stories like this possible with your support. 

In Christ for all kids,

Newton F. Crenshaw