July 2020

July2020image.jpgLupita and Anna sat side-by-side, six feet apart, on the curb outside Lupita’s apartment, eating burgers and fries. Lupita had been a regular at club when the pandemic put a pause on social gatherings. Anna was her faithful leader. 

Together, the friends sat in the summer sunshine reflecting on the past few months and how dramatically life had changed. For Lupita, the biggest changes had nothing to do with the pandemic. Four months ago, this 16-year-old girl had given birth to a baby boy. Born prematurely, Lupita’s little boy spent the first month of sheltering in place, sheltering in an incubator at the hospital. 

Anna, who is married and a mother, had given birth prematurely four years ago, and was familiar with the pain of leaving the hospital without her newborn baby. As the two mothers broke bread together and shared their tender stories, that concrete curb became both common and holy ground. 

Next summer, Anna hopes to be able to bring Lupita and her little boy to YoungLives camp, but she won’t be waiting until next summer to share the good news with her young friend. After lunch on the curb, Anna made calls and gathered baby hand-me-downs from friends to deliver to Lupita. With or without camp, Anna will continue to shower Lupita with God’s love and have honest conversations with her about life and the author of it, Jesus. 

Thank you for supporting this mission. Please pray with me for kids like Lupita who desperately need to know the Savior. With or without camp, pray that leaders will find common ground with kids this summer, common ground that then becomes holy as kids encounter Jesus Christ. Thank you again for your faithful support, especially during these tumultuous times. 

In Christ for all kids,

Newton F. Crenshaw