July 2019


Most photos from Young Life camp are full of vibrant color and wild adventure with kids smiling big and having fun. Catherine, however, described a different snapshot from her week at camp last summer. Captured only on the distressed canvas of her tender heart, it was more like a painful piece of abstract art than a typical camp photo.

“Life was full of darkness,” she recalled, “and I felt like I was in a million pieces that were flying away in a wind that I could not control.” Catherine was grieving the deep loss of a close friend while her peers enjoyed the best week of their lives around her.

“I would laugh some with my friends,” she said, “but when things got quiet, an intense hopelessness surfaced in me. I did not have many words.”

Thankfully, there was a Young Life leader who cast a soft light across Catherine’s canvas and stood steady with her in the swirling wind.

“Mitzy sat with me when I had no words. She listened to me talk in circles about things that didn’t make sense. She cried when I couldn’t. She didn’t leave my side.”

Mitzy’s faithful friendship made all the difference for Catherine. “The last day of camp, Mitzy and I went for a walk. She said she would be with me through the hardness, every step of the way.” One year later, Catherine confirms that Mitzy kept her word. “Today I am anchored in God’s truth because of my Young Life leader. Today I laugh wildly and fly freely because of Mitzy.”

Thank you for supporting this mission. Thanks to friends like you, tens of thousands of kids will spend a week at camp this summer with a devoted leader like Mitzy. Better yet, those kids will return home with those leaders who continue to walk with them and share with them the unfailing love of Jesus. Thank you for giving countless kids like Catherine the opportunity to fly freely in His love.

Thank you, again, for your support.

In Christ for all kids,

Newton F. Crenshaw