February 2018

Dear Friend,

Catherine huddled in her kitchen with four middle school students, plotting a strategic assault on her neighbor’s front yard. It wasn’t what you might expect a 64-year-old grandmother to be doing at 8 p.m., but Catherine isn’t a typical grandmother. As a WyldLife leader, she was working hard to get her four young friends to camp. 

When the neighbor finally turned off his lights, the clandestine crew crept through the darkness and executed their plan with precision. Soon they were back at Catherine’s kitchen table eating big bowls of ice cream and glancing proudly at the plastic pink flamingos poised in the perfect flying V across the street. 

“These kids were siblings from a family of 12,” Catherine explained, “and there was no money for camp.” A ransom note on the neighbor’s doorstep asked for a $25 camp scholarship to make the flamingos fly away. Catherine was calculating how many more nights, lawns and flamingos it would take to raise the needed money when her neighbor texted, “The ransom has been paid.” Not only did the happy hostage meet the $25 demand, but he paid the entire cost for the four kids. Catherine was overwhelmed.

I hope you can see yourself in this story. I hope you can imagine the look of gratitude in the eyes of countless leaders in response to your support. I hope you can see those leaders sitting with kids at club, listening to the greatest story ever told. Finally, I hope you can trace the direct connection between your giving and countless kids receiving the Father’s forgiveness and love. 

Thank you for supporting this mission. I am grateful for heroes like you and Catherine in Young Life.​

In Christ for all kids,

Newton F. Crenshaw