December 2018

Dear Friend:

Today I want to talk with you about two larger-than-life evangelists: Paul and Greg. Paul is someone you might know well; Greg is someone you have likely never met. These two colorful characters have a lot in common, most notably their single-minded mission to preach the gospel.

Paul made tents to support his mission; Greg bags groceries after school. Paul often preached in Jewish synagogues; Greg sometimes preaches in a borrowed van. You can read about Paul in letters he wrote to new believers; and you can read about Greg in a letter that landed on my desk from his friend.

“Greg is a prayer warrior,” wrote his Young Life leader. “He even led a Capernaum friend to Christ in the backseat of the van one night on the way to club.”

“Capernaum” is what we call our ministry with teens and young adults with disabilities in Young Life, and Greg is one of those kids. Greg was born with Down syndrome, which means he has an extra chromosome number 21. It also means he is the perfect inside-out evangelist with his peers — just like Paul.

Last summer, however, Greg sensed God calling him to journey beyond the boundaries of his peer group, so he saved one month’s income and set sail for a distant shore. Greg docked safely at his destina​tion, but his life was shipwrecked just the same. He will never recover from the impact of holding “Baby G” at a YoungLives camp for teen moms.

“The two spent 10 to 12 hours a day together,” wrote his leader. “There were no complaints from Greg, just smiles, endless patience and encouraging words for the whole team.” Meanwhile, Baby G’s mother had the best week of her life and met Jesus. Now Greg is bagging groceries like a man on fire. He plans to return to YoungLives camp next summer and to pay for a teen mom to attend, too.

Thank you for supporting Young Life. Clearly you too have been shipwrecked by a baby. May we never recover from the impact of the One we welcome on Christmas morn. Thank you for spreading the word that He has come!

In Christ for all kids,

Newt Crenshaw

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