December 2017

Dear Friend,​

There are four words in the Gospel of John that slice all of history into “before” and “after.” Those same four words are tightly woven into the Young Life DNA. Have you guessed them?
The Word became flesh — not just 2,000 years ago in a barn in Bethlehem, but also a few months ago in a middle school in Michigan. The first time around, a great band of angels sang “Glory to God” above a field of shocked shepherds. More recently a nervous band of eighth-graders played their off-key instruments before a thin but loyal crowd. Simon was on the saxophone that day, and Andrew was on the edge of his seat in the audience, front and center. 

“God spoke clearly to me the first time I saw Simon,” said Andrew, a WyldLife leader. “He told me to get to know Simon; he needed an adult in his life who believed in him.” Hearing the Word was easy for Andrew. The Word becoming flesh? That required strained labor. 

“Simon was an awkward young man of few words and a furrowed brow,” Andrew explained. It took two months of stilted conversation and skittish eye contact before Simon abruptly mentioned his upcoming concert to Andrew. Andrew arrived early for the performance so he could sit in front of Simon, and that day in the auditorium, the Word became a bobbing head with a beaming smile. 

Thank you for supporting Young Life. Thanks to friends like you, Jesus keeps appearing in the lives of countless kids. Andrew is looking forward to introducing Simon to the Savior. When he does, maybe a band of angels will feature a solo on the saxophone, just for fun. 

Thank you again for your support.

In Christ for all kids,

Newton F. Crenshaw