August 2020

Remember the Old Testament story about Elijah, the widow, the flour and the oil? It is a remarkable story of God’s faithful provision in the midst of famine that ends with Elijah laying his body across the widow’s dead son, and God raising the son to life. The story from 1 Kings 17 reminds me of a story from Haiti about a Young Life leader, an orphan and a bag full of fresh fruit. 

Benony is the leader, and the fruit growing in his yard has become a source of marvel on par with the widow’s flour and oil. During the pandemic, when food has been hard to come by, kids have come daily to pick bags of cherries, coconuts, pineapples, mangos and melons. No matter how many kids come, however, there is always more fruit the next day. In the meantime, God is raising kids from death to life through leaders like Benony, and Jean Peter is one of those kids. 

Jean Peter was an orphan living in the streets when Benony met him. Like Elijah and the widow’s son, Benony laid his life down for Jean Peter, covering him repeatedly with God’s kindness and compassion. In return, God eventually raised Jean Peter to walk in the newness of life with Jesus. Today, Jean Peter is learning what it means to abide in the Vine and produce fragrant fruit that lasts. 

Thank you for supporting this mission. In 1 Kings 17, God directed the ravens to feed Elijah, and then He directed a widow to pick up where the ravens left off. Today, you are a means to the miracles that God is working in the lives of kids, staff and leaders. Thank you for risking your resources so kids might meet Jesus Christ. I am deeply grateful for your support. 

In Christ for all kids,

Newton F. Crenshaw