April 2018

Dear Friend,

Two years ago, Cassie would come to school wrapped in a blanket. She wasn’t cold; she was ashamed to be seen. The blanket gave her cover as she walked into her alternative high school, the last chance for failing students before expulsion. Last month, however, Cassie stood in front of students at what is now her alma mater, wrapped only in her love for Jesus Christ.

Cassie was giving the talk at a lunch-time Young Life club, and the classroom was packed with a restless crowd. The room went silent, however, when the young Tongan woman said, “I know what it is like to be you.”

Cassie talked about how she used to come to the lunch-time club when she was a student, but only long enough to grab a piece of pizza from the back and slip away. Her best strategies to avoid detection, however, were no match for the Young Life leaders who had an eye on the illusive girl beneath the blanket. Eventually the leaders befriended Cassie, and she met Jesus Christ. 

The roomful of desperados looked a bit like what I imagine the disciples looked like when Mary burst through the door on Easter morning. What is this woman saying? Could Jesus be alive? Peter and John ran to the tomb and discovered that Jesus was gone, but he had left his grave clothes behind. That causes me to ponder, I wonder where Cassie left her blanket?

Thank you for supporting Young Life. Thank you for giving students like Cassie the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ. Her discarded blanket is a testament to Easter morning. Jesus is alive, and He raised Cassie, too!

It is a privilege to serve the risen Savior with you in Young Life.

In Christ for all kids,

Newton F. Crenshaw