Mulu's Story

Mulu was a Young Life leader in Addis Ababa and was in the process of becoming a staff person when he was falsely accused of protesting the government and was thrown into prison. 

Five months later, he was transferred to a second prison further from home, but at least in this prison Mulu had a bed. 

In fact, Mulu decided he had everything he needed to serve his Master, even as he served hard time without cause. He had a Bible, a book on Christian leadership, and the company of Jesus in his cell. He also had his training from Young Life.

“I am so grateful for what Young Life taught me about how to make friends,” Mulu said after his release. “I followed those teachings every day.” 

Mulu earned the right to be heard with his fellow inmates, shared the truth about Jesus and made disciples of many. 

He even warmly welcomed an enemy: the man who falsely accused him and was eventually thrown into the same prison as Mulu.

“I told him I forgave him and hugged him and told him about Jesus,” Mulu said. 

After 18 months, Mulu was set free with no explanation, but his heart was still held captive by the Savior. He’s now able to tell kids how Jesus gives freedom – no matter the circumstances.

Leaders like Mulu need help reaching kids for Jesus Christ in other countries. The obstacles are great, the dangers are often real and the need is always urgent. 

Our staff and leaders abroad need financial support, and they need fervent prayer. 

Thank you for considering how you might surround leaders like Mulu with your support.​​