And One More 

Right now leaders around the country are telling kids about a life-changing. week A week that could be the best week of their lives.  But leaders who serve  kids in communities that lack resources, have a challenge. It’s hard to talk about a week at Young Life c​amp when, financially, it’s miles and miles away. Simply out of reach.  

Young Life’s Multicultural and Urban Campership Fund
Last summer, 5,500 donors to Young Life’s Multicultural and Urban Campership Fund bridged that distance on behalf of over 10,000 kids who had no other way to get to Young Life camp. For 10,000 kids and their leaders, these gifts were like a dream come true.

A Bigger Dream
With your support, our leaders can dream even bigger  this year and expand that invitation list to include kids who could never get to camp but for the generosity of donors like you. 

Our Sincere Thanks
Your gift helps kids experience the best week of their lives, and more. At camp, kids discover a new way of living, and the abundance that comes from life lived in Christ. 

We appreciate how friends like you faithfully support your local area and then reach a little further—to make sure that kids who lack resources of many kinds, don’t miss out on the best week of their lives.

Because of you, we are getting more kids to camp.