Give the Best Week

When you send kids like Marco to camp, you’re giving them a chance at real life.

Marco* ripped a fistful of weeds from the sandy soil with determination. If only it were as easy to pull the painful memories from his mind. Maybe something good and beautiful might grow in their place.

You could say it was a bullet that brought Marco to his knees pulling weeds outside the Young Life office — or maybe it was the beginning of a prayer. After he watched a friend gunned down in a drive-by shooting, Marco decided it was time to leave his street gang behind. Surely there was somewhere else to turn for a feeling of power and belonging. 

Thankfully, Marco turned to a Young Life leader who put Marco right to work. 

“Marco was living on his own,” said his leader. “His mother was in prison and his dad was in rehab. Marco wanted to go to camp, so I hired him to do some landscape work around the office.”

There was camp scholarship money made available by faithful donors, but it was important for Marco to build some sweat equity in the trip, and in the process to cultivate the self-respect he had been searching for on the streets. 

Marco did make it to Young Life camp last summer and gave his life to Jesus. Today, gratitude for God’s love brings Marco to his knees. In addition to working full time and participating in church, Marco is being mentored by a local pastor and serving in a local ministry. Something good and beautiful is beginning to grow in Marco, thanks to friends like you.

In fact, one in six students will make it to camp this summer because people like you provided a way.

I hope you will prayerfully consider sending kids like Marco to camp. Please give to your local area first, and then consider giving an extra gift to Young Life’s missionwide Multiethnic Campership Fund for kids in need. 

In Christ, 

Newt Crenshaw