Give the Best Week

2017UrbanCampership2.jpgYoung Life leaders around the world are busy inviting kids to experience the best week of their lives at camp this summer. Will you consider helping kids "get on the bus" this summer with a campership (camp scholarship) gift? Campership funds help kids afford the cost of camp.

Local campership programs are always the highest priority. Use our locator​ to find your local area. However, if you are able to give an extra gift to support kids in areas where resources are scarce, please consider a gift to our Multiethnic Campership Fund.

Vital for Young Life ministry in communities throughout the United States where local resources are scarce, the Multiethnic Campership fund benefits not only kids in urban areas but also those in small towns and those who are a part of YoungLives and Capernaum.​

For more on Young Life’s commitment to financial transparency, please visit our financial integrity​ page.​​​​​​