Young Life College

Going to college? Whether you’re already there or won’t be for a while, you may find yourself wondering about Young Life in college. The laughter, the fun, the friends — does it all end after high school?

The answer, of course, is no. There are several Young Life options after high school. Some campuses have started Young Life College. Young Life College has some elements similar to traditional Young Life, but it's tailored for college students. There are opportunities to be with friends, to learn about God, to be involved in small groups, and to simply hang out and have fun together.

If you’re interested in reaching out to middle school or high school kids near your college, then consider becoming a volunteer leader. You’ll get to know other staff and leaders, have many amazing new experiences and be awed at how God works. Contact the local area office to find out more.

During the summer, you can serve at one of Young Life’s camps on summer staff. You will help run part of the camp and get to know a great group of other college-aged people from around the country and all over the world. Watch the summer staff video to learn more. Ideally, summer staff have a background and familiarity with Young Life; therefore, a recommendation from a Young Life person, with whom you have a relationship, is required.

For more on opportunities in college, check out how you can connect with Young Life College.

If you live or are attending college outside of the United States, contact the International Operations office to see if Young Life College exists near your university and for information about summer staff opportunities in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. ​