A Note of Thanks

In Mark chapter 2, four determined friends tear a hole in the roof of a house and lower a paralytic onto the floor—in front of Christ. Mark records, in a stunning commentary on corporate faith, “When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, ‘Son, your sins are forgiven.’”

The story so clearly depicts what happens every day in Young Life. Kids keep finding forgiveness at the feet of Christ, but behind every kid stands an entire team of determined adults. And just like the team of faithful friends in Mark 2, the Young Life team consists of four corners. While we don’t know the personal profiles of the four friends in Mark, in Young Life it takes the combined muscle of donors, committee, leaders who volunteer, and staff to tackle the tremendous task of getting kids to Christ.

Without faithful folks serving on Young Life committees across this country and around the world, we would stumble badly in our efforts to carry kids to Jesus. We might be able to drag kids to the door, but we would never be able to lift kids to the roof. And the roof is where we often need to be in Young Life—on the edge, outside the box, above and beyond the call of duty—creating a window of opportunity through which kids can see Christ.

One commentary says that Jesus recognized the “ingenuity and persistence” of the four friends as faith. Welcome to the Young Life Committee Handbook. In this handbook, you’ll find a wealth of information and insight regarding committee life. But we’ve discovered that the most important resource is you and your relationship with Christ. You’ve proven yourself to be a person of ingenuity and persistence, and we need your faith to shoulder the weight of this tremendous mission. Thank you for joining the team! And congratulations! Just like the four friends in Mark, you’ve secured a front row seat to watch Jesus work. Enjoy the view.