About the Foundation

The Young Life Foundation was established in 1961 for the sole purpose of financially encouraging the strategic ministry work of Young Life. Over the years there have been many people who have helped guide the Foundation through both good and bad times economically. Today, we have a strong group of directors and officers, and they are working to provide constant leadership to ensure that the gifts that have been entrusted to Young Life are managed responsibly and deployed in a fashion that builds eternal significance.



Todd Peterson, Chairman of the Board, John’s Creek, GA
Sam Bradshaw, Retired President of Triad Energy Corporation, Houston, TX​
Scott Brill, Chief Financial Officer of Young Life, Colorado Springs, CO
Newt Crenshaw, President of Young Life, Colorado Springs, CO
Doug Eaton, Former President/CEO of Vantage Mobility, Phoenix, AZ
Nick Kuechly, Vice President and General Manager of Rotating Electrical Products J&N, Cincinnati, OH
Clyde Lear, Chairman of the Board of Learfield Communications, Lohman, MO

Marty Caldwell, Chief Foundation Officer, Phoenix, AZ
Jeff Rudder, Executive Director of Young Life Foundation, Colorado Springs, CO
Paul Sherrill, Secretary, Vice President of Administrative Services, Young Life, Colorado Springs, CO
Dave Briggs, Vice President of Financial Services, Young Life, Colorado Springs, CO