The Story of Boone & Peggy

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Boone and Peggy Powell

By Leslie Strader

Healthcare was Boone Powell’s business for 40 years. Today, Boone and Peggy Powell have shifted their focus from caring for the body to caring for the soul, giving generously of their time and resources to the ministry of Young Life.

Boone Powell spent four decades successfully overseeing hospitals and medical centers — 21 of those years in Dallas, Texas, with Baylor Healthcare System. While Peggy says she “married into” the mission when she met Boone, his relationship with Young Life goes back to 1952, when as a young man, he heard Young Life founder Jim Rayburn speak at Frontier Ranch. Throughout their years of public service together, including direct Young Life ministry, Boone and Peggy have also faithfully contributed financially to the work they both believe in.

“I’m not sure there’s any initiative in the country that impacts kids more significantly than Young Life,” Boone said. “If you have an interest in kids at all, Young Life provides you an opportunity to support an effective ministry. Young Life has consistently stayed with the original purpose Jim Rayburn believed in: share Christ with kids. We believe in that mission; therefore, we want to invest in it.”

Peggy believes Young Life reaches teenagers at a crucial time in life and wants to help the ministry continue to connect with them.

“Surveys tell us that percentage-wise very few people come to Christ after age 18,” Peggy said. “We want to be faithful to reach this generation of teens for Christ — and the next generation and the next and the next. There are still multitudes of kids all over the world who haven’t heard the good news, so we are eager to keep the mission strong. First, we pray fervently; then, we give joyfully.”

The Powells have a fund set up through the Young Life Foundation that will provide camp scholarships every year. They also have arranged to distribute part of their resources to Young Life through their estate planning.

Boone explained, “The last great act of stewardship is your will and estate planning. One needs to be careful about where funds are committed. We feel comfortable with the planning we’ve done through Young Life. We are confident that our investment will reach more kids for Christ.”

The Powells are thankful their example has helped “pass the torch” to their children and grandchildren. Both generations are involved in serving and giving to Young Life. For instance, their 13-year-old grandson plays guitar in a club every week with his dad, who is also a committee chair.

Boone and Peggy often have Young Life staff events in their home; they host a week each summer for adult guests at a camp property, and Peggy serves on summer work crew. The Powells have also enjoyed visiting with Young Life staff internationally in such places as Stockholm, Manila, England and Tanzania.

“We are still very involved — why would we want to miss all the fun?” Peggy said. “We see this as an investment in eternity. Through Young Life, we get to sit in the front row and watch God bring kids into the kingdom. It’s wonderful.”​