The Campership Legacy Fund



To fill our financial pipeline with both current and estate gifts so that unreached kids all over the world can have an encounter with Jesus Christ through a week of Young Life camp.

  • We have seasoned leadership with a global reach of 30,000 staff and adult volunteer leaders who don’t send kids to camp, they bring them!
  • We have 23 strategically located camp properties here in the United States and we utilize many more already existing properties around the world.
  • We already know more than a million kids by name worldwide!

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We know the kids, we have the place, we have the leadership on the ground … in many cases, the only thing we lack is the funding.



The Campership Legacy Fund is built around six promises to investors:

  1. It's Strategic. We are going after first-time, unreached kids. For many, the barrier is purely financial.
  2. It’s Intentional. Kids are recommended for a scholarship by their leaders through a written application process.
  3. It’s Generous. Every year we will pay out 10 percent of the balance of the fund, regardless of market performance.
  4. It’s About Family. Twice a year we will communicate to you and to any family members you designate about our plans for the year and the results.
  5. It’s Well Managed. The fund is invested conservatively by our professionals at the Young Life Foundation.
  6. It’s Camp Connected. You will be part of a special group of friends who have preferred access to our camps through our “Guest For Life” program.