The Katie Parsons May Campership Legacy Fund

Young Life's Partnership for Reaching a World of Kids


Sending kids to a week of Young Life camp has been an important part of our methodology since the 1940s. For many kids, even kids from great homes, life is chaotic. A Young Life camp experience may be the only opportunity some kids ever have to STOP and consider the truth about Jesus in an atmosphere where every activity, every meal, every club talk is designed to point toward a God who loves them and wants to have a relationship with them.

As we work to expand our reach to more kids across our region and across our world, the need to assist kids to get to a week of camp is only going to expand. The Campership Legacy Fund is an important tool to help us build for the future.




It's been several months now since our daughter, friend and sister, Katie Parsons May, lost her battle but won her war! As you already know, Katie was welcomed into the arms of Jesus on July 16, 2011.

Eight years ago, Katie was diagnosed with a rare pulmonary disease and began the battle that would eventually claim her life, but not her soul! Her soul was and is firmly in the grip of Jesus of Nazareth and will remain intact in His presence forever. In the fall of 2010, Katie married her long-time friend, John May. John is the area director for Young Life in San Luis Obispo, Calif., and together they continued to pursue lost and hurting teenagers for the sake of the Gospel just as they had done for so long as individuals.

Katie and John both come from Young Life backgrounds and were staff children. Katie spent much of her childhood in the former Soviet Union watching her parents, Gary and Jeanne Parsons, lead Young Life's ministry in that very difficult and dangerous part of the world. She fell in love with the people and places that are so foreign to most of us. Her passion for sharing God's love with our former enemies stayed with her even up to her last breath. She led two Young Life Expeditions trips to Russia and Ukraine in the last year of her life.



To honor Katie, we have created a special fund, "Katie's Kids," designed to extend the footprint of Katie's life and work for years to come by helping to send teens from the former Soviet Union and San Luis Obispo, to a week of Young Life camp. Katie resides in heaven now, and with your help, many more kids will one day walk up to her and introduce themselves to Katie as a result of the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel through the "Katie's Kids" campership fund.

Thanks for considering joining this effort to help honor both her memory and her passion by contributing to the Katie's Kids Campership Legacy Fund.

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