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We hope, with God's help, to rally as many as a thousand friends of Young Life to commit together to reaching out to kids across the world with the good news of the Gospel through a week of Young Life camp! We know that as friends like you sign on, it will create a momentum that can only be generated when we partner together.
Because of the decisions that you make regarding this fund, others will be encouraged to participate. Because we want to encourage each other in how we are doing, we would ask you for the following two things.
1. At some point we may want to publish the fact that you have partnered with us in the effort. Please know that no dollar amounts will ever be associated with your name. May we have your permission to do so?
Would you tell us, as best you can today, what you think the range of your potential future gift may be? We fully understand that situations can change and that extenuating circumstances exist. Putting a dollar amount on this form does not constitute a legally binding pledge in any way. This is simply a way for us to track our progress and celebrate and encourage each other along the way. This information will be held 100 percent confidential.
If you have a specific dollar amount that you would like to pledge, please provide it here.
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