Young Life's Partnership for Reaching a World of Kids

​Our Vision

Sending kids to a week of Young Life camp has been an important part of our methodology since the 1940s. For many kids, even kids from great homes, life is chaotic. A Young Life camp experience may be the only opportunity some kids ever have to STOP and consider the truth about Jesus in an atmosphere where every activity, every meal, every club talk is designed to point toward a God who loves them and wants to have a relationship with them.

As we work to expand our reach to more kids across our region and across our world, the need to assist kids to get to a week of camp is only going to expand. The Campership Legacy Fund is an important tool to help us build for the future.

​One Kid's Story

​The following is a letter we received from a kid this summer who made it to Young Life camp with help from the Campership Legacy Fund. We couldn’t say it any better!

Dear Young Life,
My name is Jeramey. Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to camp at Washington Family Ranch. At camp I had an awesome time riding the Ridge Runners, playing dodgeball and playing on the trampolines in the lake. I had no idea what to expect going to camp other than my leader promised me it was going to blow me away and it did. Everything blew me away, from the meals, to the sports center, to the first night on the obstacle course.
The thing that probably blew me away the most was cabin time and the 15 minutes of silence. I can honestly say that I have never taken 15 minutes of time to think about all that Jesus has done for me. During one of my 15 minutes, I accepted the free invitation from Jesus to begin a relationship with Him. I still have a lot of questions, and I don’t know much about the Bible, but I know I need a change. My leader, Geoff, said that we would continue having cabin time back home where we can learn more about the Bible and what it means to “walk” with Jesus everyday.
I want to thank you for your scholarship, because I know without going to this camp, I would be going down the wrong path and maybe would have never had the chance to hear the message like I did at Washington Family Ranch.

​Get Involved

​We would love to have you consider how you might be a part of the Campership Legacy Fund effort in our region. We need people who would not only sign on to a legacy gift, but who would also commit to help us start sending kids to camp now with an “above and beyond” gift when we pass the hat every December for the following summer camp season! Even more than a financial commitment, we need people who would commit to praying for this effort and ask God to continue to bring us the teenagers as well as the resources (human and financial) to help get them to a week of camp. We also need people who may want to be on a small team of individuals who would promote this effort across the region with others who could make a difference for kids.

There are a number of existing funds that need your support.
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