Learn More About Young Life College

Young Life College is a program of Young Life especially for college students. While Young Life has been involved in the lives of college students since the mission’s early days, an organized outreach on college campuses is relatively new. 

Today’s college students are catapulted into adulthood as soon as they arrive on campus. They’re away from home, trying on newfound independence and wondering where and with whom they belong. While they’re still navigating their way through an extended adolescence, they are confronted with major life decisions about careers, relationships and their view of the world and their place in it.

In the midst of it all, college students who’ve been on a faith journey begin an uphill climb. The familiarities of Young Life club, Campaigners, leaders and church are now fond memories, but no longer part of a comfortable weekly routine. As the past fades, diversions of the college culture emerge. Alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, pressures to achieve and succeed, as well as alternative lifestyles, can take over the lives of college students.

Although the college culture can be an easy place to get lost, Young Life staff and leaders are experts in seeking out those who have wandered far away. Through relationships built on unconditional love, Young Life helps kids find their way back. Young Life is passionate about being involved in the lives of all college students — from those who are trying to grow in their young faith to those who’ve never considered God before.

Young Life College has some elements similar to traditional Young Life, but it's tailored for college students. There are opportunities to be with their peers to learn about God, to be involved in small groups and to simply hang out and have fun together.

The mission of Young Life identifies colleges and universities where Young Life College will be complementary to the other campus ministries. Young Life College also wants to identify adults in those communities who want to reach college students in this way. Young Life College leadership may be comprised of local adults, as well as older students who are interested in sharing their faith with others.