Get Involved With Young Life College


Going to college? Whether you’re already there or won’t be for a while, you may find yourself wondering about Young Life in college. The laughter, the fun, the friends — does it all end after high school?

The answer, of course, is "no." There are several Young Life options after high school. Some campuses have started Young Life College. Young Life College has some elements similar to traditional Young Life, but it's tailored for college students. There are opportunities to be with friends, to learn about God, to be involved in small groups, and to simply hang out and have fun together. See if they have one on your campus!​ 

Other Opportunities

  • Volunteer Leader: If you’re interested in reaching out to middle school or high school kids near your college, then consider becoming a volunteer leader. Contact the local area office to find out more.
  • Summer Staff: Summer staff is the volunteer experience for those who have completed at least one year of college (or are of college or post-college age). Learn more on the Summer Staff page.
  • Discipleship Focus: Another opportunity for summer involvement is Discipleship Focus, which features an all-summer discipleship program that combines the real life elements of work, biblical studies and nurturing, the support of a Christian community, and the opportunity for friendship evangelism.