Get Involved With WyldLife


There are a variety of ways to help with WyldLife. Some high school students are selected by Young Life staff to train to be WyldLife leaders. Middle school kids look up to high school kids, and their investment in a younger life is powerful.

Of course, WyldLife likes leaders of all ages. If you’re a caring adult who wants to make a positive impact in the lives of middle school kids, consider being a WyldLife leader. You’ll hang out with middle school kids, build friendships with them and make an eternal difference.

Parents can also make a big impact in WyldLife by giving their time and resources. Your area may have a Parent Support Team, which helps staff and leaders by driving kids to activities, setting up events and chaperoning.

Parents and other adults can also serve as WyldLife Team Moms and Dads, and mentor the high school-aged WyldLife leaders.

Another way to serve is on the local committee, which is a group of adults who ensure that ministry lasts in the community. They do this through prayer, promoting Young Life and making sure that the area’s financial needs are met.

Speaking of finances, WyldLife is always grateful for donors’ contributions. Find out more about ways to give. WyldLife in your community may have other needs as well. Contact your local Young Life office to see how you can help.