Starting a Multiethnic Young Life Ministry

While many of the standard Young Life steps for starting a new area also hold true for Multiethnic Young Life, there are a few specific steps to be addressed for the these areas.

  • Develop and implement a prayer strategy.
  • The Multiethnic vice president, or his or her representative, is brought into the process.
  • Research and understand what God is already doing within the targeted community.
  • Assess the needs of the community.
  • It is very important to find a well-connected champion who will be a partner in the development of the new area.
  • Develop a steering committee of at least 10 people (three to five members from the targeted community). Some of the committee members need to have access to financial resources.
  • Committee needs to develop a spirit, which will lead to collaborative relationships with other positive individuals and groups serving the community.
  • The first two years of the budget must be pledged with four months cash in the bank before a staff person is hired.
  • If the committee decides to recruit a person of color, refer to the profile of a Multiethnic Young Life staff person of color (contact the Multiethnic office for this).
  • The Multiethnic vice president, or his or her representative, needs to be a part of the interview and hiring process.
  • A supervision, training and evaluation plan needs to be in place before the staff person starts.