Learn More About Multiethnic Young Life

Multiethnic Young Life refers to the programs and people dedicated to reaching adolescents from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds — ranging from the inner city to small, rural communities — and who have a history of being socially or economically disadvantaged.

Multiethnic Club

These clubs are designed to meet the varying spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the kids we serve. For example:

  • Club isn’t held in homes, but in community centers or churches.
  • Transportation is often provided both to and from club.
  • Sometimes these kids don’t have the opportunity to eat a meal before club, so dinner is provided.
  • Part of club is the before- and/or after-club activities — like playing basketball. So club usually lasts longer than an hour.
  • Multiethnic club music is relevant to the kids it serves.
Multiethnic Camping

Multiethnic Young Life takes thousands of kids each summer to Young Life camp. In addition, Multiethnic ministry has been creative in developing new types of camping opportunities, including sports camps and weekend camps.

Funding for Multiethnic Ministry

Young Life in the suburbs is funded mainly by contributions from parents and other adults in the community. However, Multiethnic areas don't always have the resources needed for the ministry to thrive. Staff must have access to multiple resources. Many camp scholarships are provided each year through the annual Multiethnic Campership Campaign and local fund-raising efforts.

To Learn More

If you are interested, there are several ways you can get involved with our outreach to kids of color and kids from under-resourced communities. Feel free to contact the Multiethnic office at 719-381-1867 to learn more.​