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In 1980, Young Life, in partnership with Youth for Christ, established Military Community Youth Ministries (MCYM) — also known as "Club Beyond" — in conjunction with the United States military as a focused effort to share the Gospel with military kids and offer the hope of Jesus Christ. Using the same strategies that have guided Young Life to decades of success in ministering to teens, Young Life Military extends the vision to reach every kid by stepping into the ever-changing lives of military brats.
Because of the constant change that these teens face, often moving every two years, it is hard to call any place home. Military families find their roots in maintaining connection with people. Therefore, Young Life Military leaders seek to establish a sense of community by forming lasting relationships with kids and fostering a greater sense of home by caring for their unique needs.

“Club Beyond was the only thing that ever
remained constant in my ever-changing life.
 It was my second family and my  support
system when life was just crazy and out of
control. It was where I finally fit in and was
able to be myself and just act like a teenager.”
                                       – A Military Teen
Our Young Life Military/Club Beyond staff are considered “healthy subject matter experts providing effective military youth ministry.” We are entrusted to carry out the mission with a high level of professionalism and excellence in stewardship. We seek to celebrate life, build relationships, and share the love of God with military teens. Consider faithfully praying how God could use you in a nontraditional environment to make an impact in our country through serving this incredible group of teens and their families internationally and stateside. With more than 500,000 teens with active duty military parents, the need is huge, the impact is eternal.

To check out our Job Openings page or for more information please contact:

Robert Raedeke​ 
Field Operations Director
Young Life Military-Club Beyond